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Now i am near to the truth. I am really near to the Zone.

It is not possible to send this Videos and blogposts from here. I am sending all with my phone to a friend in Austria, he does the job for me. I hope, i can still do this for long time. So sorry, when it take so long sometimes.

I found the gun, like Yrral said. Yrral is the guy coming with me and Sarah to Vergina. He seems to know how things works here. I believe, he is the guide of the Zone. When i ask, he does not answer. But he looks so kind. I believe i can trust him!

Mostly i walk alone and i make some videos and photos. Yrral is really kind to me and Sarah. Yrral show me the way, but mostly stay behind me with Sarah. Sarah do not speak a lot. She is not getting better. Yrral means i will need the gun. Sarah is disappointed about this. I did never use a gun. What the hell should i do with it.

Vergina is not the Zone, but the Zone is IN Vergina. Vergina is nothing more thana a small town, some touristic, so nothing special is in here. But a strange sky was waiting me. I saw the tombs, and the museum, but this is not the entrance to the Zone. Yrral say, here where i found the gun...this is the door. This is the minor Macedonian tomb discovered by Prof. K. Romaios near the palace of Aigai. Here i have to go inside. How, i still don´t know..