So, everybody knows now, i created Aladygma.
I would like to say: Thank you, thanks to all Aladygma-fans!
From the very first moment untill now, aladygma was not for the money, just for fun and entertainment. We had a lot of fun and great moments, because we had the greatest fans of the world. we are now a bigger team and we will produce a Book, a comic, and we are also trying to produce a film. All this was not possible without YOU!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH and please, help us to make aladygma better, tell all your friends about aladygma. help us, to make the first book (aladygma - Chapter one http://social.aladygma.com/group.php?group_id=80 ) well known.



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  1. Thanks For Your Support and Helping Keep Aladygma Alive!
    We Really Appreciate It. Keep Up The Good Work!