Aladygma Clues: What is about the CDROM?

Secret Agent Jokkalok found a CDROM in a Hotel Room in Greek.

He gave the CD ROM to aladygma.

Now there is a new Group, the Verghina Sun Investigation, talking about this CD:

Aladygma and Verghina Sun Investigation opened the CD ROM that was found from Jokka Lok.All this stuff is real top secret stuff, so i will do not post here for everyone.
Everybody that found the right Site on Aladygma.com, will get to my group here.
And everybody that joined my Group, and know the Password of the CDROM, please write to me a personal EMail, with the Password of the CdROM, and I will send you a Link to the Dossier.

Wich is the Aladygma-Site with the CDROM???
Wich Password?


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