Aladygma - Jay Novello!

‘We need a new leader, someone has got to speak out’ – Scott message to all Human.


  1. Its strange to see my name featured on site that i have followed for months, as a fan. Thank you for your support. The best references come from this site. I hope the great Hunters found here will elect me to help in their goal of saving thomas and his child.

    Also, I would like to point out the name is NOVELLO, not NOVELLOS

  2. Its very strange to see my name featured on a site that I use all the time, as fan, for news and up dates. It's really a great place for information, and news. I hope the amazing hunters here will support me in the mission to save Thomas and his Child. Your actions will make this effort Great!

    I would like make a correction.
    My name is Novello, not NovelloS