The Son of Thomas Dahlem

Meanwhile, by Aladygma some things changed / developed.
Thomas Dahlem was with the pregnant girlfriend Sarah off to Greece, Vergina, in order to get something from the Aladygma zone, was his girlfriend but also the people can save. What, I do not know. Then have nearly 300 soldiers joined on Facebook to help him on the trip to Greece, because 3 Killers from the future were behind the Dahlem family.
The soldiers have chosen a General, Mr. General Carmine, and thanks to him, they have found 2 Killers, but the child (now born) by Thomas is away. The child is half human, half-alien, and they found his photo in a room on board the ship.

Humans now have an elected leader, Nick Butler of aladygmaclues.com, he aims to Humans, to find the child, while the soldiers to prepare for a battle with a Seemonster .



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