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  1. Now, we need more Soldiers... we are 298 and need more... we have soon a fight against a Monster, and we need help, your help. Please, come to the Facebook, and be a Soldier. Help us against the Monster... Help us to Help Thomas.

    Our Mission is to stop and kill the 1° "Monster". Our soldier ship is following him. It is not a Danger anymore for Thomas, but for the Humanity. We are preparing the weapons for the Battle. But we need to be more and more soldiers to combat. Speak with your friends, everybody...Time is running away. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in two or 3 Days....we will be ready to fight but if we are not enough, there will be no chance.

    We know from "above" that we will also get Money at the end of the Month, the best soldiers (Captain, General, Officer) will get more than the basic soldiers..
    The Battle will also be a way to see, who are the best soldiers.
    So be ready!
    - Captain Sebastian