"I don´t know where to hide. The Ship is waiting for the soldiers for a control. IIs a question of minutes, hours or days??? Where do we are? In the middle of the see or what!!! Now i know why on the map is the Word: GENESIS... the begin...the birth of my Son??? How did the Map "know" this? Is it happened to everyone that had the same mission befor me??? I feel scared. I feel ....I mean, he is my son...but...He is not a baby , he grows faster than human. That´s too much for me, but Sarah... she does understand or what? she is like in trance. I hope the 3 Killer doesn not find us. I can not write too long. I believe, they are reading this blog. i must"

We got this Email, but I don´t know if really from Thomas Dahlem.


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