Thomas Dahlem was in USA

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He was here. It surprised me. I decided not to speak to Mary again, but...he talked to her.

Argued the whole time. Mary is mentally ill, he knows that. And Sarah was also here. She is also ill, something is wrong with her, she has a sign on the back. A sun, I don´t---, sun rays. is not a tattoo, not really.
It is ABOVE the skin surface. Never seen something like that before. They made it, sayd Thomas-
Such nervous excitation ... Thomas: he told me something shocking and creepy. This bastard....I should hate him !!!!!!!
OK-THAT STUFF has changed him... and he needs help, should I try and help him or should I walk away? How do I move on?

so what the....he had planned everything! Can I trust him ... or maybe not? He and Mary, my God ... how can i believe them???? WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!! My faith has been shaken.

And From : http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/

I will not give that interview to one Reporter. I can not trust them!!!!
They just want to use me!
Or they will not believe me.

I will let a Friend to ask me. I will show it on youtube. That´s the only way-the only way.
Alone. Just alone.
(I need to find the Map to A.)


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