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A real good Article, Translation from Ermine, from http://aladygmaclues.com/

Aladygma: for the first time a direction
by Federica Aliano

After our interview, many events were linked to aladygma, so as to think of a rapprochement end of this project (which we continue to identify as cinemtografico, but that seems increasingly away), despite what the developers have said us to Alphabet City.
Thomas Dahlem has released an interview videos on YouTube, available on its channel. In a lame Italian dall’accento little German, Thomas speaks of a zone Aladygma and something that should arrive in December. Aliens, wars, nuclear terrorism… all involved with Aladygma, apparently, but nothing is confirmed nor denied.
As everyone has now discovered, in our interview is a hidden link, which leads to a new whitespace, which in turn contains a submit to override once inserted a code. Thanks to discoveries of Carmine, real investigator of the Web 2.0 and placed on virtually every forum linked to Aladygma (the invite also on our own, as all of you), we learned that the design of whitespace depicts the urn containing the remains Philip II of Macedonian, father of Alexander the Great, found dall’archeologo greek Manolis Andronikos and currently exposed to Phillip Museum.
The sixteen-pointed sun reported sull’urna is called the Sun or Star of Vergina Argead, named after the dynasty Argead. Currently Argead the star is a symbol used to indicate continuity, especially from a cultural point of view, between the ancient Greece and modern Greece, and is present on many flags.
Carmine has also “discovered” and announced that the area Aladygma mentioned Thomas is already present in a novel, Picnic on the roadside, Arkadi and Boris Strugatzki, published in Italy by Marcos y Marcos. From this book Andrei Tarkovsky created in 1979, with the collaboration of authors themselves who stesero the script, the beautiful Stalker, perhaps his most successful film, which looks case is also quoted by makers of Aladygma in our interview.
But does not end here today, writing to the usual mail contact@aladygma.com, you get a new answer. Nell’oggetto says “carmine”, in the body of the mail is written “is right.” We believe that, among the many discoveries of this boy who many believe an insider (but also think of us), you’re talking about here experiment with the Sun of Vergina. For the first time Aladygma answered and indicates that for a clue, someone on the right track. Up to now had never happened. Whether the Carmine chosen to receive the new code? This time would say that if it is deserved.


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