aladygma - new hidden Whitespace! New Code!

In the article on alphabetcity is a hidden aladygma whitespace,


It involves another code.


  1. where is the link in the article??

  2. Anonymous11:53:00 AM

    the link is one of the aladygma in the text. Read it again and pay more attention

  3. Anonymous1:35:00 PM

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  4. Anonymous11:55:00 PM

    Maybe this could be it.

    Lets say Aladygma has to deal somewhat with a big nasty mean monster.

    Pod juice.
    Pods fill with a poison that changes the animals that feed on it. or something of that nature

    ok ok so far so good..

    Crabs feed on the pod and because nasty and deadly in nature. They then have the poison in them that they use to fight off prey or whatever. ok following me so far ?

    Crab eats part of a pod.
    Crab changes
    Crab then is stronger and faster
    Crab has a poison in it now.
    Same juice that is in the pod is in the crabs poison.

    Crab poison someone

    That where you become a pod. Your belly fills with the juice till you pop. That juice that pops out, hits other people and starts changing them. BIG CHANGES

    So, if and only if this has anything to do with Clover, this would mean that clover reproduces by another species. Most creatures have their reproductive glads on them, but not MGP

    Well, I just came up with this theory, and with all the hints all over the place, felt like putting a MGP theory up here.

    Thank you for reading, you may die now.

  5. Anonymous11:58:00 PM

    Oh yea, one last thing

    I think MGP can't see

    His eyes bug out when he yells.

    I think he uses eyes to see by the means of sound.

    I am done for the evening.