MAP, first Words - Leonardo da Vinci ?

The words on the map are written in Leonardo da Vinci Style, and in italian






(Thanks to http://www.meemi.com/aladygma, Carmine)


aladygma - Sarah´s tattoo - Thomas write again - Old Map

Aladygma NEWS!!!
the code for the site Mytime was, like we sayd,
"Léon Alexandre Heuzey"

He was a noted French archaeologist and historian, found the Tomb of Verghina, was born1831, dead 1922, so thats the reason of the numbers on my time.

shows a picture of Sarah’s tattoo (on her back).
It seems to be the Verghina Sun symbol.
Thomas talked about it.
And this Symbol ist also to see on aladygma Site, also on the hidden Site here.

Thomas answer again, on his blog, he has to come to the The aladygma zone, near the Tomb of Verghina that seems to be a “living” zone. It seems to be really dangerous there, it can kill the Stalker (Guides) or all the people coming in. Only if you have the RIGHT map, you will survive.

So Thomas needs a special map. A ancien map maybe?
More here: http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com


aladygma - new Interview with the Producers!


Please, we need a Translation!


http://room-211.blogspot.com tell us, that the code for
The code is:
Léon Alexandre Heuzey

that brings to a new Site:
and there we have to (maybe) choose between



I wrote to "human" and got the Message, that my Mission is coming!



aladygma - news

A real good Article, Translation from Ermine, from http://aladygmaclues.com/

Aladygma: for the first time a direction
by Federica Aliano

After our interview, many events were linked to aladygma, so as to think of a rapprochement end of this project (which we continue to identify as cinemtografico, but that seems increasingly away), despite what the developers have said us to Alphabet City.
Thomas Dahlem has released an interview videos on YouTube, available on its channel. In a lame Italian dall’accento little German, Thomas speaks of a zone Aladygma and something that should arrive in December. Aliens, wars, nuclear terrorism… all involved with Aladygma, apparently, but nothing is confirmed nor denied.
As everyone has now discovered, in our interview is a hidden link, which leads to a new whitespace, which in turn contains a submit to override once inserted a code. Thanks to discoveries of Carmine, real investigator of the Web 2.0 and placed on virtually every forum linked to Aladygma (the invite also on our own, as all of you), we learned that the design of whitespace depicts the urn containing the remains Philip II of Macedonian, father of Alexander the Great, found dall’archeologo greek Manolis Andronikos and currently exposed to Phillip Museum.
The sixteen-pointed sun reported sull’urna is called the Sun or Star of Vergina Argead, named after the dynasty Argead. Currently Argead the star is a symbol used to indicate continuity, especially from a cultural point of view, between the ancient Greece and modern Greece, and is present on many flags.
Carmine has also “discovered” and announced that the area Aladygma mentioned Thomas is already present in a novel, Picnic on the roadside, Arkadi and Boris Strugatzki, published in Italy by Marcos y Marcos. From this book Andrei Tarkovsky created in 1979, with the collaboration of authors themselves who stesero the script, the beautiful Stalker, perhaps his most successful film, which looks case is also quoted by makers of Aladygma in our interview.
But does not end here today, writing to the usual mail contact@aladygma.com, you get a new answer. Nell’oggetto says “carmine”, in the body of the mail is written “is right.” We believe that, among the many discoveries of this boy who many believe an insider (but also think of us), you’re talking about here experiment with the Sun of Vergina. For the first time Aladygma answered and indicates that for a clue, someone on the right track. Up to now had never happened. Whether the Carmine chosen to receive the new code? This time would say that if it is deserved.


CArmine found the right Clue!

Carmine wrote us:


quella scatole che ritenevamo fosse il vaso di pandora... non è il vaso di pandora..

è un urna d'oro scoperta nella tomba di FILIPPO II.

se trovate su wikipedia.it VERGHINA..
è una località della grecia sede della suddetta tomba..

c'è anche una foto.. è leiiiiiiiiiii




Thomas Dahlem - here is the english translation of the videos!

Thanks to:
for this translation of the two Thomas Dahlem Videos!!!
Nick of aladygmaclues write us:
Your credit is wrong, the translation was made available by my website; aladygmaclues.com

I suggest you fix that.

So dear Nick, we have got this translation from here, http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/2008/06/my-answers.html
theprolifealadygma wrote that, but as i see, this was tranlated first from CiccoPiccolo of your Forum.
Nick wrote us again:
Also, http://theprolifealadygma.wordpress.com/ hasnt had a post since May 31.

Do not try to get around crediting my website.

If you do not credit me, I will take action

Dear Nick, theprolifelaladygma wrote June 8, 2008 7:29 AM on http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/2008/06/my-answers.html.

You made me many question. It'll be hard to answer to all of this, but I'll try. Many of you are asking me if all this story is related to a movie. But this is not a movie. This is the reality. A reality where I'm living since I engaged with Sarah forst, some month ago.
All this story started some year ago,all of you know what happened on 9/11, the Twin Towers. I was near there by chance, I was at the Brooklyn Hospital, and there I met Sarah and Dany, two girls that were very close to the tragedy of the 9/11. They came to the Brooklyn Hospital to be hospitalized, and there I fell in love with Sarah.
After long time I looked for her on the Internet, to talk to her, but she forgot all about me, because she had a memory loss, an amnesia. I started an affair with her, to stay close to her.
After a while I noticed some strange things around her. I thought she was getting insane, she had visions of aliens and monsters. But after a while I figured out that that were not only visions.
I don't what is the Aladygma webpage, I don't know what they have to do with me, but I do know what Aladygma is. I discovered that Aladygma is a zone (WTF?), a special zone where I have to go to do my mission. It is the famous... the zone... Aladygma, where some very ancient documents are hidden, like Da Vinci's Drawings.
All this information will be known to you after some time, because I need you, I need your help.
What I have to do is to go in this zone, because in the middle of this zone there's something that I need to get, something that will help all of us in the battle at the end.
The contact with the aliens was very strange because they didn't show them to me, they were very silent, they had the chance to attack... not to attack... they had the chance to approach Sarah, and when I discovered what happened, when I saw it, I freaked out, because I didn't know if they came in peace or not. Then Sarah get worst, she also thought she was pregnant, but then I discovered that they were doing experiment on her, to made her stronger against this entity that will be our enemy on december.
We will have a big fight on december against this entity. This entity is nor human, nor alien, this entity is a mutation. These aliens that came here, I don't know where are they from, I don't why they're here, I was only involved, and I only do what I can do. These aliens are trying to help us, by giving us the strenght to fight our fears, our fears, that are in the amygdala, inside our brains.
The problem is that what they do allows us to last only for a while. If we don't find the thing that is hidden in the middle of the zone, we could even die, so we must go in the zone. I'll go there for all of you, for all of us, to solve this problem, so that everybody that will be approached by aliens knows that, even if has been subject, he will find the way to return normal.
After this great battle, if we will win, it would be like if nothing never happened. But that will be a great battle.
I have many questions here, I don't even know where to start. I can't answer to personal questions, who are my parents, where I come from, if that is my true nome, if I am a liar. I had to hide something of my situation, I cant tell everything. I tried to tell everything that I could about our story, but I couldn't tell the whole truth. Maybe this is why the Aladygma webpage says that I'm a liar, but I think that in the end these people behind Aladygma are not against me, or against you or against anyone. They're giving clues to get us closer to the truth. At the very beginning I accounted them as bad, but now I pointed out that they are helping us too. I don't know who they are, so I can't answer to this question.
I don't know the meaning of the whitespaces. I know something, they show the start date, this 00|11|22|88, that has something to do with december, I don't even know the day, but I'm pretty sure it is in december.
About Dany mcDavid, she's a friend of Sarah that I first met at Brooklyn Hospital. I had to tell many lies to her too, and some time ago I had met her again and' Ive tried to explain what happened, and unfortunately even her is not well lately, after 9/11 she is not her same old self. She is trying to heal with great troubles. All this stuff is confusing her, she's worried about the future. I can't tell you more.
I say it again: this story is not about a film, this story is real. We are real people. all your questions about a film are pointless: I can't answer to them. I had no contact with producers or filmakers.
There are people that are helping us, me and Sarah, in our mission. You will help us soon. We will need more people, more soldiers, that will help us to ride out the trouble of the experiments of the aliens and in the end with the final battle.
I'm pretty sure we will find the way to fight together, and I'm sure you will come with me in this journey.
Don't trust all this webpages, many of them are false. I dont know wich are false and wich are true, but most of them are false.
Mary Pollmann... Mary is a person very ill. She tried to kill Dany, even if she was her friend. Not even I can't tell more. I'm sure that dany will try to solve this problem, because she really cares about her friends.
About my datebook, this are personal things... For example about one.org I care about africa and AIDS... But for now I have other problems then those... They don't are part of the story.
I've waited all this time to give answers because I didn't know what all of this was about, how can I tell to someone all of this. I've tried with the blog to get closer to you, but I didn't want to lie to you, but I had to, because too many people tried to have contact with me, and I had on a hand to stay hidden, on the other to give informations


About FTWS, I think they are an organization that is trying to understand what's going on with the aliens, that are not bad that are not against us, but I don't much about them. I know that they tried to contact me, but I was scared at the beginning, but I'll try to contact them in the future if possible.
I hope that these informations are enough, because I have to stop. As you can see (...) I have an injured arm. I had a contact with a soldier that was against this story and now I'm beyond my possibilities. I hope these informations are enough, I can't tell more. I have to stop... Maybe someone could see me. As you can see I have an injured arm. I had a fight when I was searching informations about a medallion. It's a very important medallion, I ask your help to find it. It has 16 tips. I search even an image of it and took it to Andrei.
Andrei is the only person who can enter in this zone. I don't know nothing about that zone... I have informations

aladygma - interview with the makers -english version


Thomas Dahlem - a italian interview on


aladygma - new hidden Whitespace! New Code!

In the article on alphabetcity is a hidden aladygma whitespace,


It involves another code.


aladygma - on "DIE ZEIT"


Weil es souverän mit den Möglichkeiten des Internets, des viralen Marketings und des Social Networkings spielt, ist Aladygma derzeit das vielleicht innovativste Independent-Game, selbst wenn es letztlich das Konzept des gruseligen Mystery-Games In Memoriam kopiert. Aladygma ist eine Art Schnitzeljagd im Internet: Spieler müssen Botschaften in Texten und Bildern erkennen. Dann gibt man die jeweilige URL in Suchmaschinen ein und hofft, dass sich Gleichgesinnte in Foren finden. Daraufhin beginnt ein reger Austausch. Man stürzt sich in ein offenes System, das auf den ersten Blick absolut undurchschaubar wirkt.


Thomas Dahlem was in USA

From http://danymcdavid.blogspot.com/

He was here. It surprised me. I decided not to speak to Mary again, but...he talked to her.

Argued the whole time. Mary is mentally ill, he knows that. And Sarah was also here. She is also ill, something is wrong with her, she has a sign on the back. A sun, I don´t---, sun rays. is not a tattoo, not really.
It is ABOVE the skin surface. Never seen something like that before. They made it, sayd Thomas-
Such nervous excitation ... Thomas: he told me something shocking and creepy. This bastard....I should hate him !!!!!!!
OK-THAT STUFF has changed him... and he needs help, should I try and help him or should I walk away? How do I move on?

so what the....he had planned everything! Can I trust him ... or maybe not? He and Mary, my God ... how can i believe them???? WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!! My faith has been shaken.

And From : http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/

I will not give that interview to one Reporter. I can not trust them!!!!
They just want to use me!
Or they will not believe me.

I will let a Friend to ask me. I will show it on youtube. That´s the only way-the only way.
Alone. Just alone.
(I need to find the Map to A.)