aladygma - the TV Translation!

The broadcast "Neues" on 3Sat from the 05/18/08


Alternate Reality Game

Aladygma.com... on this page, you can see mysterious Links to various Pictures, lots of names and smithereens from a story. Who take this names or words in search engines or Video pages, that can find more Details, this Details bring us to more Pages and names. However Pages are from this Game??? . Where will names and catchwords accidentally mentioned. The Limits between game and reality become blurred. The Player is a Detektive. Always give us the producer new links and Details online.
They Speak with us, about the Game, but they want be anonym: „When we do something new, then it takes some minutes until someone find it, then it will write everywhere, and the Access nummbers climb." Hitherto have been Movies like Cloverfield with Alternate Reality Games advertised. There is more behind Aladygma, as a Hollywood Movie. The Aim of the Game is, find out, what Aladygma is. "We are open to / for all, we have lots of offered, but we have lots of offered deprecated, because they be out of place ."

On the End, they speak about bees. „When you make a blog about bees, and you make it so real, also you don´t know something about bees, everybody believe you, that you know something about bees."

Thanks to sebastian ! from
www.aladygmacloverfield-unitedworld.blog spot.com :)


  1. Look what i have found on www.aladygma.com

    It stands in the right

    Greetings Andy

  2. Anonymous7:13:00 AM

    Is this correct? It doesn't work.

  3. yes you can click on it

  4. Anonymous8:30:00 AM

    It's there...it works.

    Check this link out as well..


  5. Anonymous4:14:00 PM

    guys the translation from german tv in english is incorrect. The important thing is missing. And the thing is, that aladygma is NOT Cloverfield 2, or some movie by JJ Abrams. They mansioned cloverfield as an example of viral marketing. It is a test alternate game made by those german guys. And at the and the guy is saying, that: "the people believe in everything, for example if I post in internet about to how keep bees, that I actually don't have any ideo about. And than maybe someone is gonna post in his forum or blog about beekeeping and quote me...."