The Proof: aladygma is cloverfield!?

New: Go to both sites look at wikipedia first(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amygdala) (amygdala=aladygma) and search amygdala without scrolling down to ur right u will see a picture of a brain and then on the bottom of that picture you will see a corpus striatum look at it then go to (http://slusho.jp or http://01-18-08.com) on the left u see a symbol zoom in really closely and u will see that it kinda looks like a corpus striatum and a sword


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    ummm... naaaah

  2. Aladygma has nothing to do with Cloverfield, at all. But it has sparked an interest from the people that followed the Cloverfield viral campaign over at the Cloverfield News forums here http://www.steaknbj.com/forum/f53-aladygma.html

  3. I have already discover something cool... In the web www.aladygma.com there are 7 whitespaces (starting by the one in up-left, and continue down, right).

    First, it change 00/11/22/2008 (maybe 2 dates, 28/11/2008 or 18/12/2008) to 00/11/28/28 (0+0= 0; 1+1=2; 2+8=10; 2+8=10; --> 0/2/10/10 --> 0; 2; 1+0=1; 1+0=1; --> 0/2/1/1 --> 211 (remember that number?).

    Second Whitespace; Th skull. Compare it with a human skull...there are many diferences (in the right of the skull picture, down we can see "aladygma" but reversed).

    Third whitespace, the girl and the room 211. I havent seen anything strange.

    Fourth picture, a direction (102 north end ave) in a map of the new yorker subway and a piece of the new york times (date: 12/2001? --> maybe similar of the date 12/2008 writed here before?). If you take a look (with google maps) at this direction, you can see 360º of the place. A hotel/flats and a park.

    Fifth pic, the photograph. I've seen many things. If you study the photo, you can see, 2 greek words (Kappa and Fi), chinese/japanese sentences, a burned body, a cartel of the brooklyn hospital with the name of Thomas Dhalem (Student Thomas, room 211, remember?) a word "kokalafotis", a paper sgned by Thomas?, words in a indetermined language, a circle with 1 1 up and 8 8 down, a broken window, an indetermined pixeled object (the alien?, if you can see the pixeled pic far, you can see a human head, a woman...) and a piece of an american or english journal... and 2 o 3 more things... I have to study hard the pic.

    Sixth pic, the secuence. An object exposed to radiation change a pair (humans; woman and man) to an "alien"? the son of the pair? and change the background (identical of the object) and add a rectangular and paralel object.

    The last one, the 211 room of the student thomas (211/2008...)

  4. Another note... thomasroom its a Full Service Banquet Centers corporation... (729 BROADWAY south portland, Maine). Interesting.

  5. another update on BlackLayer site...
    all the text is "scratch", and you can see on the top: "stop this nonsense"

    between the words T and H, you can see a "blackspace", when you click you see a window with the words: "ad captandum vulgus"

    is latim, means something like: "to seduce the people"

    and in the end of the "nonsense" there is another "backspace", and when you click you go to this page: http://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article2269271.ece


    sorry for my english

  6. I no what amygdala is!!!

    Look this photo on Wikipedia:

    Its likes that strange Red things near the Cloverfield Monster.

    In the Text you can read:
    There has been shown that the amygdala play a very important role at the processing of emotions. Also it has been shown that at several at correlates positively the size of the amygdala with aggressive behaviour. At people are it the most seksueel-dimorfe structure in the brain. Next on castration it can shrink up to more than 30%.

    And what can the monster of Cloverfield do??? Make his amygdala's bigger!

  7. I don't know if its real or fake


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