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  1. a ya la pusiste, puedes agarrar una copia de la foto en mi blog y ponerlo en el tuyo ;)

  2. Anonymous12:22:00 AM

    With The new slusho sign on the back site...

  3. Anonymous4:58:00 AM

    ok, sobre el video nuevo alemán y sus símbolos

    1. Runa Fehu
    2. Runa Perth
    3. Runa Fehu, otra vez
    4. Runa Isa
    5. Runa Laguz

    Cada vez cobra más sentido lo de la continuación de Cloverfield y la peli de extraterrestres y fenómenos paranormales.......
    Qué revoltijo, por Diox!!!!

  4. Anonymous5:17:00 AM

    I hope, we have a new Monster... a flying Monster... something like a Dragon ;-)

    I Love the "Clover" Monster.

  5. Anonymous7:26:00 AM

    Hey!! Regards from Argentina!!

    Check out this:

    On AV Blog (http://page121.blogspot.com/2008/04/ymfjaybsyxllcg.html) in that post, that seems to have no sense, there is a comment that says the text is a code known as base64, well... i found a translator (http://www.elhacker.net/base64.htm), and see what came:

    "there is an email in my inbox that says: 'It Begins In The South'.

    sender is anonymous.

    an image and some... code are attached.

    "this is the code, dont know how to read it, though: '1995 N 44 G 7 C 6751'.

    i upload the image in


    and also in


    as far as i know, no one received that email except me, or at least nobody talked about it which does not surprise me given the incredible amount of secrets here.

    if the email is true, then my brother was right about the happening. i just hope he is okay. he was going to find thomas. nobody see him yet? i have a bad feeling.

    i wish i have time to explain a lot of things, but he will do that better than me, and i can't stay too long in the computer77//3/7/288YYYYY64RUD4YYYYY/getting very complicated. it is becoming too risky to write you. kirsten no longer talks to me except for things related to work. matthew dont come to the office anymore since friday. i think something happened this weekend, because there is many security changes around.

    we moved to -112 now, that is 1km deeper."

    If you download the picture is like a trayectory. Don't know exactly what.

    And... there is also a comment on that post that says:

    "I don’t know how to decode it, but what I have found is the following:

    1) View the page source (View->Source in most browsers).

    2) You’ll find this HTML comment:

    Y88 788 Y22&Y UB64FD/77/7/3Y FIND THOMAS 1WEEK http://bp0.blogger.com/_njAUfR9xm48/R_JpjZp3nXI/AAAAAAAAAA4/RIjoH-1Ga2Y/s1600-h/eksemplar7.jpg

    The picture looks very weird. It’s some kind of… humanoid shadow? or what?"

    I checked and the picture is real, i mean... exist. I think the picture is from the video on post http://aladygma.blogspot.com/2008/03/aladygma-new-video_29.html from Aladygma.blogs´pot.com, the video has been removed from Youtube.

    Also found this about the missing guy in the clovi site: http://cloverfield.despoiler.org/index.php?title=Teddy_Hanssen

    May be something... may be nothing...

    Cya People.

  6. Anonymous8:53:00 AM

    I gave this: N 44 G 7 C 6751 to Google Map:

    44 7th Ave S, New York

    44 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014, USA

    44 E 7th St, New York

    44 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

    44 NW 7th Ave, Miami

    44 NW 7th Ave, Miami, Miami-Dade, FL 33128, USA

    44 N 7th St, Phoenix

    44 N 7th St, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ 85034, USA

    44 NW 7th St, Miami

    44 NW 7th St, Miami, Miami-Dade, FL 33136, USA

    44 S 7th Ave, Phoenix

    44 S 7th Ave, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ 85007, USA

    44 7th St NE, McClusky

    44 7th St NE, McClusky, Sheridan, ND 58463, USA

    44 S 7th St, Philadelphia

    44 S 7th St, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA

    44 N 7th St, Philadelphia

    44 N 7th St, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA

    44 E 7 St, Tulsa

    44 E 7 St, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 74119, USA

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  8. Anonymous1:23:00 PM

    did anyone notice that if you flip the picture you see the new slusho symbol and some numbers....

  9. aparentemente el numero es #430

    puede ser 30 de abril

  10. getKRZY4:59:00 PM

    You guys ok when it comes to the numbers and odd riddles, I am at a loss. But guess what, it seems as though somebody has gone and copied alll of the Cloverfield Cast MySpace's and made new ones. These "new" MySpace's have all been recently logged on to, and they are completely identical to the old ones. Isn't that amazing! The odd thing is that their old MySpace's are still up, some of the comments repeat themselves and some are brand new. It is possible that some person just did this to trick us all, but I believe that is highly unlikely, unless... it's some sort of Role Playing but most Role Players but RP somewhere on their MySpace's, for the fear of copyright infringement. But I think that there is a possibility that the old cast might come back for a sequel, J.J. has said that they would move in a completely different direction with a new P.O.V. and with different people, but recently all the producers/writers/directors for Cloverfield met up and discussed the sequel. And maybe previously before their meeting J.J. had planned to use a different P.O.V., but after their meeting they decided to keep the original cast and move on with a more traditional movie sequel, so now J.J. is going to try and tie all of his previous viral marketing in with that of Cloverfield's previous viral marketing. Thus bringing the new Slusho sign, the Teddy Hanssen missing sign (which by the way is Jamie's ex, if you watch the Jamie and Teddy videos you would know what went on with their relationship and know a lot more about this Teddy guy and his disappearance.), and I think that there is a good possibility that the route of the movie has changed and J.J. is trying to tie this all together.

  11. Anonymous5:03:00 PM


    a photo of a man...
    who is???

  12. Anonymous6:07:00 PM

    I think he is Hannes Alfven:


    Regards from Argentina!

  13. Anonymous6:11:00 PM

    And did you see that there is a little blue square on the bottom right of the picture?? you can click on... an a popup comes with this message:

    i can't stay too long in the computer

    then there is a text box with the default content: undefined, i tried typeing there "alfven" or "hannes alfven" but nothing happend.

    Regards from Argentina.

  14. Anonymous6:51:00 PM

    this is great! this aladygma thing, at least page121, it's getting ARGeous... if you read the hidden message in the previous post:

    "[...]but he will do that better than me, and i can't stay too long in the computer77//3/7/288YYYYY64RUD4YYYYY/getting very complicated.[...]"

    there is a code in the middle of the phrase, right after I CAN'T STAY TOO LONG IN THE COMPUTER.

    enter this code into the popup window and watch what happens!!!

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  17. Teddy Hanssen...

    Hanssen --> Apellido de origen ALEMAN, Danes o Noruego.

    Les invito a buscarlo:

    J.J. Abrams no lo dira mas claro. Asi que cada cual que piense lo que le de la gana.

    Mirad en la pagina de T.I.D.O Wave


    04/02/08 2:46 pm

    Where are these “fearless, brave warriors” I heard about? No one answers my calls. No one answers their doors. My brother is still out there somewhere and you guys couldn’t care less about him. Some friends you are. If it wasn’t for your freakish, cult mind-games he’d still be here with me. This is all your fault!!! You cowards! I hope you’re all rotting away somewhere!

    Traduzco, lo siento sino concuerda al 100%, la traduccion esta hecha a ojo.

    ¿Dónde están esos "guerreros intrépidos, valientes" que yo me entere? Nadie contesta mis llamadas. Nadie contesta en sus puertas. Mi hermano está todavía ahí en algún sitio y ustedes no podían preocuparse menos por él. Algunos sois sus amigos. Si no fuera por sus juegos de mente caprichosos, de culto él todavía estaría aquí conmigo¡¡Esto es todo culpa vuestra!!!¡Son unos cobardes!¡Espero que se pudran todos en donde quiera que esten!

    No se olviden de pasarse por mi blog:


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    check this


  19. Anonymous2:17:00 AM

    la foto nuevo de 1-18-08 no es la única que tiene mensaje por detrás:
    la de las 12'04 también tiene un texto de Jamie, la de las 12'01 uno de Jill, la del cocinero un texto en chino!!!!!!!!


    Y no me había dado cuenta que seleccionando la página de aladygma.com en el cambio del segundo espacio en blanco, en la parte superior izquierda se puede leer en alemán que Tomhas en un mentiroso, como puede verse en flylyf.com

    POr diox!!!! que alguien traduzca el texto en chino!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous10:11:00 AM


    You are German, you understand this?

    OTHER aware off, says


    Click in the left corner and select the text to the right side of the box

  21. Anonymous5:16:00 PM

    I clicked on the picture in the top right and got this google maps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?amp;ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=k&msa=0&msid=112238733572426595256.00044a89a26ff3a224701&ll=-2.811371,18.28125&spn=162.060968,360&z=1

    It sections off a huge chunk of the globe, from florida east to New zealand and south to anartica. To the right is a message.

    Many tried
    but no one could;
    they were looking for something that was moved.

    let me know what you think