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  1. Ha salido la 3ra parte del Manga Kishin. Este capitulo os va a molar todos xDDDDD


  2. getKRZY7:55:00 PM

    You guys I got some important news! JamieandTeddy.Com has been branded with that odd sword symbol found on Slusho and Tagruato's websites and on the back of the Teddy Hanssen Missing Picture on 1-18-08.Com, I have two theories at the moment. My first theory is that Aladygma is doing viral marketing for it's own movie/story plot, while a Cloverfield 2 is beginning it's viral marketing for it's side of the story. My take on this is that a Cloverfield 2 in the perspective of Jamie Lascano is going to be made, at points we will see a backstory from before the monster attack similar to the videos of her website JamieandTeddy.Com, later on we saw that she recently had a camera at the party you can see this when Rob enters the party, I think that the Cloverfield 2 and Aladygma are both very much related and are being made by the same group of companies such as Bad Robot, and Paramount. But I think that that we are in the middle of both of their viral marketing, I believe that J.J. is starting his marketing early again, and we should receive a second Cloverfield 2 much similar to the original with Jamie and her group of friends struggling for survival where we may run into Rob and his friends at some point, like in the bridge scene. As for all this Aladygma viral marketing, I think this is the code name to figure out what went on during the attack and what triggered it. The funny thing is that since they are both from the same story line the original monster attack both of their viral marketings can clash for example the sword symbol appearing in both Aladygma and Cloverfield websites.

  3. getKRZY8:39:00 PM

    Hey! I have found some new YouTube videos from some guy named Eric who looks just like Teddy Hanssen ironically enough his brother is missing (Teddy?? I think so.) There is a lot more viral marketing with that via YouTube and BlogSpot's... the guys YouTube URL is... http://www.youtube.com/user/EricsVideoBlog

    this is all very interesting there are some very interesting videos, audio recordings, and back story that tie in very well with the whole Teddy Hanssen missing stuff on 1-18-08 and also with the Jamie Lascano (JamieAndTeddy.Com), the mystery just keeps coming. I think that the whole Alien theories are diminishing and the backstory is being given to us that way when we watch the next movie that will be short cause it'll most likely be a handy camcorder like Cloverfield one that way we already know what is going on in the story. This is all so much fun!!!

  4. The italian blog:

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    these aren't viral marketing from aladygma. These are viral marketing from Quarentine, a remake of the infected-zombies spanish film [·REC]. I saw them some time ago..........

    And you must watch the movie..... it's amazing........

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  7. UPFATE!!!


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    hola a todos

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