aladygma - new whitespace

It seems to be a picture of Mars, something is coming out of the surface.

When you go with right-Mouse Button and look at the original Pic, you can see it bigger and you can read:

=@@< 7@C >2CJ A@==>2?? :45 `_ 492AE6C u 3C@@<=J?

D2C29 :D 2=:G6

v@;:C2 ?@ 8J2

>FE2E:@? :>>F?@C624E:G:EJ 7EHD

=58> 6CC@C 4@56

What does it mean???
Wich Code is that?


  1. getKRZY2:51:00 PM

    It looks like water on Mars. This can tie in very much with Tagruato. They are a deep sea drilling company, if they want to move on to bigger and better things they might've gone to Mars to drill some more, lord knows what they are drilling for. So possibly that is what their satellite was doing, going for research and then it came crashing down. And now possibly Tagruato has began drilling in Mars. And also TidoWave has recently updated their webpage saying stop your campaigning for Teddy Hanssen missing, apparently they know nothing about that. Weird, huh? I think that this is the tie with Tagruato, deep sea drillin, mars, satellite, water on mars?! Yeah, this is possibly now a backstory for Tagruato. As for the Cloverfield characters, hm... I think they're coming back, at least Rob and Beth.

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  5. Henrygale6:39:00 PM

    It´s not water. It´s sand... dunes actually.
    I tried to find it in the google mars, but it's quite difficult.