aladygma - new whitespace

A new image show a exploded room.

Original Pic:

And here two Versions of the Pic from http://aladygma00112288.blogspot.com

This look more like a Puzzle:

  • pixels are maybe a part of a Alien, Monster? or body of Thomas? Sarah?Looks more like a Monster.
  • cardchartletter : Thomas worked in the Brooklyn Hospital
  • Chinese Graffiti,
  • some Greek symbols and Paper with : "Kokalafotis"
  • weapon case,empty
  • in the upper side of the bed, something like a ALIEN

All those things are like a Puzzle in a original Pic.

We believe that we should understand this Pic like a message, and not like a Photo. Is obviosly a "false". Is telling us something. But what? Is like a Game.


  1. getKRZY6:48:00 PM

    TheNightShot.Com now has a riddle and a answer box, the answer to the riddle is TOMORROW, and when you click Search, you are led to a second page, where if you click the hidden box, you have a pop up of some old picture with some man, in the picture you see a faded face in the top right, looks like a ghost. This is the link to the new page...


    I still think that all this marketing is from different movies, that all somewhat have some sort of relation.

  2. in the blog AV

    one of the pictures posted there, this one: http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/22/originsak3.jpg

    we found the words "http" on the left side of the circle
    and "an earthquake" on the right side...

    after this we found this:

    there are a big chance of being fake... but, who knows?!


    from Aladygma Hunter of Brazil...

  3. I think that's a dorm's room, and that is room 211. The Greek symbols (Kappa Phi) I think is clearly related to a fraternity. We also see a circle with numbers 1888, 18th August 2008? I was unable to find what is 'kokelafotis' but is not Greek. There is a suitcase that could had some important thing (below left) The signature in the paper in the middle is pretty interesting.

  4. There is also a picture of a park of something alike, posted as a layer upon the frame around the Kappa Phi letter, I can see clearly a tree.

  5. Ok, after inverting the colors, those letter in the background, I think is Cyrillic alphabet, so could be Russian, the 'H' is 'N' the backward 'N' is 'I', 'Y' is 'U', and 'K' is 'K' so NIUK? :S

  6. Anonymous11:20:00 PM

    kokala phi could be something like "bones light" in greek

  7. Anonymous11:25:00 PM

    if you give kokala fotis on google pictures, there is a foto with the same symbols as the poster on the wall


    Contact me!

    I'm the owner of


  9. "Hospital" on top of the name Thomas Dalhem? Is here the room were Thomas after we lost him?

  10. a comment of what pjazz said-
    I have never heard of page121.blogspot.com before and am curious as to it came from. but in response to the words 'an earthquake' inside the circle, the website backlayer.net brings you to has a hidden link after the E at the end of Nonsense which brings you to a page that talks about earthquakes. Im not really sure if this is related to the picture you found or if it is related to Aladygma at all. just an observation.

  11. on the right top corner
    it's a poster that says MOVIES
    and a list of something

    maybe the room was a theater?