aladygma - Mary!!!

kokalafotis= Your Bones, My Light ?

Is this blog really aladygma related????:



  1. Anonymous1:01:00 PM

    I think Mary is a crazy person. Look she change her name by every post!

    Or a fictive person of the aladygma projekt.

  2. youre so busted!

    here a screen from my google reader:


    this is kokalafotis.blogspot.com's feed.

    as you can see, writer of the posts is jafeth, you cant see that name on the blog.. But who the hell is jafeth? he is the owner of this blog.

    and if you look at the dates, youll see that all the post are posted at the same day, say hour.. but on the blog, 1st posts date: July 22, 2007; 2nd posts date: December 10, 2007; 3rd posts date: April 6, 2008 :)

    do not delete this comment :)

  3. Yes, you are right. someone was using our account. We had yesterday many Problems to get logged in.
    I believe someone here is reading us and he is a hacker. Thank you for the pic, that will help us to find that one.

  4. hahahaaa you are so funny man. firs you drafted that post after my comment, now you write this..

    but why you changed the user name on the kokalafotis? because i still can see:


  5. Hello, i read every comments and i am really happy that you told me about this. like i said, someone was in our account on blogspot. Someone is for sure trying hacking our account and using our name. I changed my pasword again, maybe it helps??