Thomas Dahlem - Room 211 - Is that true ?

Is aladygma a Movie? Or something real?
is http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/ a fake? Or Truth? Or is this just a Viral Campaigne to promote the new J.J. Abrams Movie?


  1. IDK what the Hell this is but whatever it is it's really really freaking me out......

  2. Really freaky and weird im only interested to see if it is Cloverfield related

  3. i think al the cae aladygma is a joke for one student, and some words like "game" or segments "the people lost her lives..." in the viral marketing XD... like us =(

  4. Anonymous4:10:00 PM

    ese blog es de finales de febrero, igual que la pagina web de www.aladygma.com asi que se ha de suponer que es cierto

  5. Sorry if my inglish isn't good. I'm from chile =P.

    It's interesting how this is taking form.
    Lots of people say that "Cloverfield" was bad and stuff. That's because they didn't enjoy all the mass histeria caused for all this.
    The movie didn'd start in the movie theater. It start with the virus. And the same thing it's happening here.

    I'm going to see the movie, even if itsn't part of Cloverfield. I've wasted to much time in this to do nothing xD.

  6. Anonymous7:27:00 AM

    if aldygma will become a true film by Mr.Abrams,so u will see it in cinema and willenjoy the full Movie...but
    so long.... dont support the Viral-Marketing from anyone... its bullshit to diskus whats true or wats fake... u will see... sorry for bad english folks...my message is: dont support that bullshit...its just "Phobia...."

  7. Anonymous11:21:00 AM

    i think all this viral stuff is fun. It puts some more intriga to the movie.

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  9. Our eyes see the reverse of the world.
    Fear is a state of the mind.
    The world is only the way we choose to see it.
    In our dreams, our fears become as real as we wish.

    ~Glynn Desmond

    I think this all about the "God Like Mind". I heard about the concept of Amgydala Complex. Image a "god like mind" created by fear.

    I have already thought of a story of this nature, how ironic if this is the case.

  10. Anonymous1:17:00 PM


    It's true...

  11. Anonymous11:01:00 AM

    Ok, so this supposed "Thomas Dahlem" says he's German, right? Check out his videos on YouTube. In "Time to go!" he has a perfect English accent. I smell bullshit.