AladygmaClues.com - Update #4 - New Picture - MAP

About the Adress on Map we got a very interesting Comment:
The Front page of the NY times of that day:



102 North End Ave. is a hotel called Embassy Suites New York, located just a few blocks from WTC

102 North end Ave. Ny 10282
Embassy suites

Tel: 1 212 945 0100

The subway station that's marked is Chambers st., wich is just in front of the hotel.

The red marks seem to be some sort of footprint.

And the image is under the name of "dany"
No idea what that means.

About the NEW YORK TIMES 9/11 we got this interesting idea:
I think that all this how some sort of tie in with Cloverfield, but the movie will most likely be nothing about Cloverfield except for maybe a person saying, "Is it another monster attack?" Or wearing a Slusho Shirt. I think that all these movies and viral marketing are going to revolve around Tagruato and possibly the government. I mean in Cloverfield the government is depicted as a shady trying to hide stuff group of people, and some people have already pointed out that parts of Cloverfield do represent 9/11 like the explosion, etc. So I think Aladygma is just another minor tie in. Like the girl looking out the door, for all we know it could be someone on one of the WTC during the collapse and maybe they saw something during the destruction while they were trying to escape that they shouldn't have, just like people suspect that the Cloverfield friends saw stuff that they shouldn't have.

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