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  1. porque aladygma no se comenta en ningun sitio de informacion como con cloverfield, finalmente ellos estan mas enterados de estas cosas y cercanos en las producciones...

  2. Anonymous5:04:00 PM

    Hey! How are you?? First Sry for my english.

    I've seen something in this site (blog) http://thomasdahlem.blogspot.com/

    It is supposed to have something to do with aladygma.com

    Well.... when the post start to get involved with the withespaces of aladygma.com there start some comments to the posts of "Thomas" from some anonymous, who signs with a nine, I think this has something to do with the campaign.

    Then there is some post related to Racso Tagruato, Tagruato is supposed to be the company from the viral campaign of Cloverfild wich drilling the ocean floor awakened the monster.

    And finally there is a post from some "ziozucca" who is supposed to be Jericos friend. Jerico is Thomas grilfrind? I don't remember I’ve read her name in the blog. The thing is when you enter the blog from this "ziozucca" there is only a link to this site: http://www.medusastudio.it/

    Certainly, don't know if this have something to do with the campaign from the.... movie??? May be something.... may be nothing... this is freaking me out!!! JAJA

    Regards from Argentina!!


  3. Anonymous6:25:00 PM

    gainax vol.2 pero nosotros tenemos el ingenio y la imaginacion que nunca podran tener los USA.

    Aladygma va a ser secuela de Cloverfield, acuerdate de lo que te digo gainax vol.2

    son muchas coincidencias las que he encontrado que apuntan a lo que te digo. 1,2,3 o 4 coincidencias las podria pasar por alto, pero esque hay mas de una... es como si J.J. nos estuviera dejando pistas para relacionar con Cloverfield pero sin ser concreto...