Aladygma - Sam administrator of FTW search society?

We think, this blog is a Fake, but...maybe not? Who knows, with J.J. Abrams....



  1. I think that it is Fake, and for the administrator of the blog you can put this news...


    Pd: I love this blog lol lol lol

  2. http://cloverfield-aladygma.blogspot.com/


  3. Anonymous10:19:00 AM

    por favor alguien puede traducirme lo que dice la ventana de chat de http://page121.blogspot.com/ ??

  4. Other blog about thomas...


  5. or here

  6. johnlocke9:19:00 PM

    I think page121 may be not fake, did anybody read it?

    first: the island shown in the first post is Svalbard (credits for this to my friend Chris, he did the research) and look what I found in wikipedia:

    -- The Norwegian government has built a "doomsday" seed bank to store seeds from as many of the world's crop varieties and their botanical wild relatives as possible. [...] In addition to humans, four [...] species inhabit the archipelago: [...] and polar bears.

    (Polar Bears? possible Lost reference?)

    -- Svalbard is featured as the setting for much action in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. A gateway was created there from which one could gain access to parallel universes. The Svalbard in the books is inhabited by a race of intelligent armored polar bears (Panserbjørne)

    (Polar Bears, again?)

    second: it's a norwegian island and in think they're talking norwegian in the second picture, and WTF! look that Lost-like chat terminal? what's going on here?

    anybody knows what is in the map, or the title of the windows? I can't see them clearly.

    and what it means 'real thomas'? and who the f**k is 'meg'??

  7. Anonymous10:29:00 PM

    gente encontre esta pagina...

    thenightshot punto com

    aprieten control E no les cuento mas

  8. Anonymous7:23:00 PM

    someone wrote us:

    Look also at
    Some weird symboils :P"

    los simbolos son tarjetas que se usan
    para hacer una prueba de poderes extrasensoriales.

    alguna habilidad mental, es la psicoquinecia (la silla se movio sola, alguien pudo hacerlo con la mente)

    this cards is for a test of mind's power

    jiji sorry for my english..im mexican :P

  9. Anonymous12:54:00 AM


    This are Zener CARDS !!!

  10. Anonymous12:58:00 AM


    This are Zener CARDS !!!

    http://page121.blogspot.com/ !!!

    00 11 22 88 = 00 + 11 + 22 + 88 = 121

  11. Anonymous11:36:00 AM

    Video from Germany

  12. Anonymous11:53:00 AM

    la página thenightshot.com no es sólo lo que se ve. Si nos os quedais en lo negro y seguís para abajo (porq hay más página) podreis ver una foto: la del tio del video argentino de aladygma, uno de los primeros que salió http://es.youtube.com/

    A parte, en la página thewithespaces.com hay un símbolo, arriba a la derecha..... otro alien¿?¿ xDDDDDDDDDDD

    there's more in thenightshot.com than black. You can go down in the page and you'll see a photo from one of the first videos about aladygma. And in thewithspaces.com there's a picture of an alien

  13. Anonymous12:05:00 PM

    Otra cosita graciosa es que, en la página de aladygma.com, si clicas sobre cualquier punto de la pantalla cuando te sale la imagen nueva, la del satélite y tal, te devuelve a la página inicial. Sin embargo, si clicas sobre el hombre y la mujer o el alien, te lleva a la imagen de la calavera de leonardo.

  14. Analysis of the new video of Aladygma.



  15. Anonymous5:37:00 PM

    a new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69V3T4BBYI4&eurl=http://w

    look the 00:27, a simbols... maybe alien language? XD

    121: 211!!!

    ah!!! look:

    las piezas se van uniendo.
    (exepto por el robot de 8 pixeles)

    sorry for my english

  16. getKRZY7:02:00 PM

    One thing that I find amazing is that Cloverfield is only showing in 120 movie theaters in America, and it has already been distributed in all of the world. So why would they leave all the viral marketing, 1-18-08/Slusho/Tagruato/TidoWAVE and all those running still. They have all stopped since January 18th so I think soon, Ganu Yoshida the leader of Tagruato will reappear and start some something with Cloverfield and Slusho might slowly begin to die out in the backstory. As for TidoWAVE the good terrorist group against Tagruato's evil ways well I think that they might some how be tied into Thomas' Girlfriend, she has been hiding stuff and trying to figure something out and TidoWAVE is determined to reveal Tagruato's evil ways. As for 1-18-08, well I think that has just been there to show us what the 'new' creatures are going to do and what will happen like foreshadowing it, (11/2/2008?? or another date??). Also the Cloverfield Character MySpace's are still up, don't you think by now Bad Robot Prod. would've deleted them, I think so. So for some odd reason I think that one day Rob or Beth is going to sign on and say something on their blog about the attack which will cause a huge uproar with FTWSpace's/Tagruato trying to stop them from revealing the possible horror that they may have started. I believe that Beth or Rob will sign on to their MySpace's soon.

  17. Anonymous7:34:00 PM

    look 1-18-08.com
    a new photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous7:49:00 PM

    no comments