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  1. Thomas Dahlem has a new blog on his page entitled "Pregnant" his Girlfriend is pregnant but not from him. And now he is worried about some secret organization called the "FTWSpace" (Follow The White Spaces??). Here is the blog spot for FTWSpace, http://ftwspace.blog.co.uk/ something that I find odd is that all these sources are blogspots, they aren't .JP or .ORG websites like the viral marketing was for Cloverfield. So I'm thinking that this story plot is something smaller, yes it might tie in with Cloverfield some how, but all these people are so close together. Before for Cloverfield the cast of the movie was just a window to see what happened, the viral marketing was much more open and broad. But now it seems that the viral marketing is a lot more compacted limited between a group of people. Now the organizations and people involved in the marketing are A LOT more quiet and secretive then in Cloverfield's marketing. I don't think this story is going to be about a giant monster attack, but more of the back plot all the conspiracies that follow a disaster or event.

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