Aladygma - a new blog, fake or real?



  1. LOl. Do you know the book "The Swarm" written by Frank Schätzing? Same story...


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  3. Sorry for triple posting...

    I just wanted to say, that it's not exact the same story, but nearly. Also there's a film adaption of the book upcoming in 2008


  4. Anonymous5:32:00 AM

    Did you see one of the pictures is from www.1-18-08.com, one of the viral sites from Cloverfield.


    Regards from Argentina!!

  5. Anonymous7:09:00 AM

    Check out the Aladygma site again!

    There is a new white space.. there is some diagram of the human species then some alien!


  6. Anonymous7:34:00 AM

    SAM J. JARB is anagram of J.J. ABRAMS



  7. Anonymous7:40:00 AM

    come on, this reeks of being fanmade b.s.

  8. Anonymous9:34:00 AM



    y guillermo dice que es expediente X jajajaja mirad la bonita foto que Carl Sagan preparo para las sondas espaciales Pioners modificada como gif xDDDDDD


  9. Anonymous11:02:00 AM

    la pagina de aladygma se actualiza!!! y pone un nuevo espacio debajo de la palabra "follow the white spaces"
    es un gif...las piezas se van uniendo

  10. Bueno, pero sale un alien, mi posiblilidad sigue abierta,...

    Anonimo, podrias explicar tu teoria?¿

    Un saludo :)

  11. Anonymous11:18:00 AM

    new white space!!!!
    alien=da vinci skull
    2 rectangle=map and newspaper of 11 september

    its real????

    why radioactive???
    why the alien foetus???

    omg...its real????

  12. Anonymous12:35:00 PM

    Sistema solar y Alien???


  13. Anonymous12:49:00 PM

    guillermo, fijate que es una animacion. 1º sale la placa original de la sonda pioner, 2º aparece un simbolo nuclear, 3º aparece una flecha señalando desde la imagen en pequeño de la sonda pioner hacia el simbolo nuclear, apareciendo ademas en el lugar donde estaban el hombre y la mujer un enbrion de algo.

    yo lo puedo relacionar con...
    -satelite = tagruato
    -simbolo nuclear = mutacion y satelite con energia nuclear (las sondas Voyager por ejemplo)
    -como yah se ha dicho mas de una vez la anatomia humana es importate, por eso la foto de Carl Sagan expresando el tamaño el quien el donde con la proyeccion del hombre y la mujer.
    -muchas de las sondas o satelites espias, privados, ... estan alimentadas por una pequeña fuente de energia nuclear.
    -toda la historia de Tagruato, Slusho, las empresas de tagruato en cloverfield apuntaban a un monstruo creado por Tatruato y ha que todo empieza a suceder desde a partir del momento que el supuesto satelite de dicha empresa cae al Atlantico.

    Yo en las imagenes leo: Un satelite crado por el hombre alimentado por energia nuclear provoca la mutacion de algo que tenga relacion con el hombre y que puede venir del espacio (si tenemos cuenta el origen de la foto).

    Tambien es verdad que aun esta el tema de los aliens abiertos, pero ese bicho con cola larga con dientes por fuera puede ser el biorobot creado por Tagruato. Puede que Aladygma nos lleve al comienzo de toda la historia Cloverfield, yah dijo Abrams que si se embarca en un nuevo proyecto Cloverfield lo haria en forma de secuela monstrando otros aspectos.

    hay quien lo relaciona con los aliens. pero relacionando todas las pruebas del blog de Thomas y las fotos de Aladygma señalan a lo mismo. Cloverfield. Puede que al fin y al cabo los origenes del monstruo de Cloverfield este ligado con algun tipo de investigacion espacial. Por eso la erronea idea de los aliens.

    si esto es un FAKE me quito el sombrero de como han conseguido que 78 personas de 225 relacionaramos Cloverfield con Aladygma, y sino mira la encuesta de la cabecera de la pagina.

  14. getKRZY2:24:00 PM

    Ok all this is starting to look very very fake! All these blog spots are getting a little ridiculous. How do we know that it's not just some dude on the other side messing with all of our heads? If this site is a fan/clue based site for Aladygma then Thomas Dahlem, Dany McDavid, FTWSpaces, Aladygma Project, ect. could just be fan based fiction. Although Thomas Dahlem, Dany McDavid seem very true; as in part of the movie. But the others just seem like they are trying to mess with us.

  15. There are two pending untitled productions by jj abrams on IMDb. the site states cloverfield sequel to be out 2009 and an untitled film with josh marston to direct to come out 2010. neither entries on IMDb give enough informationto say either way. in fact, the josh marston film info can only be viewed with IMDbPro. if it is for the cloverfield sequel, then now is about the right time to get the viral going to open early next year. if not then have fun with the game.

  16. Anonymous6:25:00 AM

    fake fake fake fake and nothing to do with cloverfield....the webpages are very unprofessional, when the viral started with cloverfield, we had sites like 1-18-08.com, slusho, tagruato, tidowave, etc. that were very well made....this stinks of people building on the hype of cloverfield to mess with us, maybe is for something else, but not cloverfield related..

  17. Anonymous2:19:00 PM

    that blog is 100% fake, here's the proof:

    "Looks like another dude trying to cash in on a keyword.


    taken from http://www.whoi.edu/

    no original iamges."

  18. Bad Robot has 6 untitled in-development projects in the making as of 5 minutes ago on IMBd. The genres range from comedy to thriller to sci-fi, etc. it may not be cloverfield but maybe they read all of the criticism from the cloverfield campaign and are totally doing the opposite... naaaaaa!

  19. getKRZY3:44:00 PM

    You guys there is some BIG news, an X-File Sequel has just been announced it's been underwraps the entire time! It's coming out July 25 which is the 207th day of the year, close to 211th. But the movie has been so tightly under wraps it's crazy. And if the movie is almost out then they would need to start some Marketing and bam, this could be it. This is most likely it. X-Files has always been surrounded with the Alien Mythology, and what has this mainly been surrounded by Aliens. So they most likely noticed the success of the viral marketing and with already have a fan base aren't going to far to market this movie. I'm almost 75% that this is X-Files 2. Oh and as for the name it said on Yahoo Entertainment that the director Chris Carter has a name for the movie that he is keeping to himself but that Fox has some other ideas. So I'm almost sure this is it. They've copied the 1-18-08 (no name) that J.J. Abrams did for Cloverfield. You know how in that other Blog about Aladygma there is a Sam J. Jarb an "anagram" for J.J. Abrams well for the X-Files sequel Rich Tracers was the anagram for Chris Carter when they were making the movie. So all this is very similar to the secretiveness of Cloverfield and Aladygma. It may be possible that Cloverfield, Aladygma, and X-Files could all have something in common. But since Cloverfield (is Paramount), X-Files (is Fox), and Aladygma (is unknown) then anything is possible. And since a Cloverfield sequel is actually in the works this means that X-Files has nothing to do with the Cloverfield sequel but could have a similarity to Cloverfield 1, although I don't think Cloverfield Sequel will even have that much in common with Cloverfield. But all this is very similar and odd.

  20. Anonymous6:09:00 PM

    what is this? http://page121.blogspot.com/? fake? real? wtf?

  21. You all must look on youtube! There is a new video. in this video you can see the secret code!