Aladygma - danymcdavid?

Someone has left a Comment on http://aladygmaclues.com

I was looking at the Map, the last whitespace on aladygma.com.
The name of this Pic is “http://aladygma.com/dan%20y/”
So I was looking for something called “dany” at North End Avenue. Someone sayd, there is a Hotel called “Embassy”
So I found a blog called danymcdavid.blogspot.com
Ans: she talks about a Thomas!


  1. Anonymous4:29:00 AM

    Oh my god AND THE WEB OF MYSTERY GROWS, this shit is really giving me a headache, this better be a good whatever it's going to be

  2. Wow, this just may be a way to get us close to the Cast of the new movie before it comes out. Cause if you remember in Cloverfield they spent a good 30-40 minutes at the beginning trying to get you familiarized with the Cast [Rob, Beth, etc.], so now they might be getting us to know as much as we can about [Thomas, Dany, etc.] while also still revealing a story plot or backstory. Something I find interesting is that it seems that both movies Cloverfield/Aladygma both revolve around someones girlfriend. I've searched both Thomas Dahlem and Dany McDavid on MySpace and nothing.

  3. Anonymous11:18:00 AM


    Yes, her name is Sarah.......