Aladygma - connection between Cloverfield and Aladygma

intresting connection between Cloverfield and Aladygma.
Thanks to http://aladygmaclues.com/


  1. another organization http://ftwspace.blog.co.uk/
    is called follow the white space.

  2. and on the blog of thomas dalem, he talk about ftwspace organitation

  3. Anonymous8:06:00 AM

    I was reading Thomas's blog and in the last post I found this comment:

    Lo siento Ana, te amo de todas formas, y lo siento cryor, pero no puedo seguir. FTWSpaces es una organizacion que sabe algo que deberiamos saber, pero que especulamos, ellos se comunicaron con una persona la cual ha decidido paasar la historia al mundo entero, hasta que no llegue a un limite de comentarios y busquedas no habra nada nuevo, cuando llegue a donde debe llegar algo nuevo saldra al aire, y sera el ultimo en la pag, solo dura 6 seg en cambiar, solo habra 6 pistas, 6 "espacios en blanco"

    I was going to translate it but then reading aladygmaclues.com someone already did:

    “Sorry Anna, I love you anyway, and cryor sorry, but I can not continue. FTWSpaces is an organization that knows something that we should know, but speculate that they were communicated with a person which has decided comunicate the story to the world, until it reaches a limit comments and searches there will be no new nothing, when where they should get something new saldra air, and will be the last on the page, lasts only 6 sec to change, there will be only 6 trails, 6 ‘blanks’”

    Don't know if it's a real comment of the campaign or just bullshit. The thing is the post is anonymous.

    Well.... may be something may be nothing...

    Regards from Argentina!!

  4. Anonymous8:18:00 AM

    sorry for my bad english:

    when you click on the oldest link (where the date changes)and you mark everything the letters "rengül nie tsi samoht" appear backwards for "thomas ist ein lügner" what's german for thomas is a liar! so it's obviosly NOT a hollywood... äh thing ;)

  5. Anonymous8:20:00 AM

    i have an news very important.
    On the site http://www.aladygma.com/%20/
    there is a written "thomas ist ein lügner",which means thomas is a liar.

    The blog of Thomas Dahlem is an FAKE.


  6. Anonymous9:33:00 AM

    @ Carmine: what about reading the older comments ;)

  7. LOOK


  8. Anonymous10:37:00 AM

    Jaja new post on Thomas's blog like Guillermo said.

    I think this is going to end soon, this story can't be hold so much more time...

    About if Thomas's or Dany's blog are fake?... don't know. But if you look carefully the name Sarah is first mentioned on dany's blog then in Thoma's so I think if one is fake the other too.

    Let's see what hanpends.

    Sorry for my english!!
    Regards from Argentina!!


  9. getKRZY8:46:00 PM

    Just to let you know the Cloverfield picture shows the going to Chambers St. [Green 6 station] the Chambers St. that is circled on Aladygma.Com is the [Red 1 Station], the only similarity is that both stations are on Chambers Street, they are not the same stations, just thought I'd clear that up. And another idea that I have is that, maybe now this is someone actually trying to investigate or getting suspicious of the odd behavior from a mega-corporation. For example, in Cloverfield we all knew that Slusho/Tagruato were shady and were bad guys but there was never a character in the viral marketing that attempted to reveal Slusho/Tagruato's bad business other than Teddy on Jamie And Teddy, he tried to warn her about Tagruato, but he was mysteriously captured. And that was only like 1% of the viral marketing, I think now they are taking a different approach. They are making us the fans more involved by making all this viral marketing on blog spots, that way we can have direct communication to the characters, the companies and the story. Now what we say affects the story, look at how crazy we are driving "Thomas Dahlem" now we are trying to see what FTWSpace's is trying to make us believe. All this is viral marketing but they are involving us in it some more. It is quite fun. And it's odd how it jumps from country to country. Like first in Cloverfield the marketing was started in Japan, jumped over to the U.S. [because of Rob], now Germany, Spain, and Italy have all some how been drawn into the story. This is great! Honestly, I think that this has little to do with Cloverfield, I think that this is the mystery of all those shady companies like Tagruato/FTWSpaces/TidoWAVE/Slusho. Finally somebody [I'm thinking Thomas Dahlem] has figured something out and is catching on to them. And for some reason I think Dany McDavid is going to try to stop him and be the "Hud" of this whole story.

  10. strange... i have to read the Dany and Thomas posts, but on the aladygma pages, the picture is named dany: http://www.aladygma.com/img/dany.jpg

    Now the other strange thing about the picture... that subway map is from 1974... there are lines on there that no longer exist, like the AA and the SS. Check it out, i wrote about it on another message board:

    "The strangest part of this picture... the subway map they're using is from 1974.... some of the subway lines no longer exist. Here is a sample map from then: http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/calcagno-1974-system.gif

    Here is a current map: http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/calcagno-2005-02-14.gif"

    i think aladygma has to do with the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11th. Notice the NY Times in the background?

    Here is my post at unfiction.com forums: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=501706 (on page 32 around there somewhere)

  11. What if it's not cloverfield or 9/11. There are two untitled jj abrams projects. one is with josh marston. x files needs a sequel and this is the 10 year anniversary. is aladygma the x files enigma.

  12. Anonymous11:39:00 AM

    X-Files comes out July 25th. I see little connection. Viral marketing for X-Files would be sweet though.

  13. maybe it's part of the viral for a future film. like when cloverfield's trailer showed with transformers.

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