Why this blog ?

I heard of a new Projekt of J.J. Abrams , and at this time, i didn´t know about CLOVERFIELD. I followed all news about it and today i can say: CLOVERFIELD was the best idea that a Moviemaker can have!!

So i was looking last week about new "Rumours" about new Projects of J.J. Abrams, but i did not find a lot. Ok, Star Trek is not a rumour :-)

The only thing I found is about some new top secret Movie-Projekts, and i colud not take my eyes away from this one: "aladygma - Some Things Don´t Like to be Forgotten" or something like that. I have no Idea what that is, is this another Monster Film , is this of J.J. Abrams or not, I even not find anymore where did I read about it. I even am not sure: is this a movie??? But I must say, the name aladigma took my attention and i want to know what´s behind this name.

Maybe someone, that more knows, about J.J. Abrams and his Projekts, can tell me here something more. Or Maybe someone knows, what´s behind the Aladygma Projekt?

I will try to find all possible Materials /News about this Movie and i will post here too.



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