Aladygma, aliens and Cloverfield 2?

The Site : http://aladygma.com has changed.

"The official Site shows some numbers: 00 | 11 | 22 | 88 .
They Change in 00 | 11 | 28 | 28.
The only thing, that real UFO Fans know, is that 00 | 11 | 28 | 28 a codename for a actual top-secret UFO-Projekt."




Aladygma , follow the white space ?

coming soon next day!
follow the white space

The font on aladygma.com is now bigger, and it says "follow the white space", do you have an idea what it means? please write us!

Aladygma , the casting ?

casting? who knows more????


aladygma - new Video?

Found here: http://www.youtube.com

Aladygma, is that a Batman villain???

is aladygma an anagram for a Batman villain called “Amygdala”?

Is J.J. Abrams new project: BATMAN???

Aladygma –> Amygdala …pretty similar.



Detec_Comics_Amygdala_cover.png‎ (329 × 503 pixels, file size: 321 KB, MIME type: image/png)

Cover of Detective Comics #659, depicting Amygdala & Batman fighting during Part 2 of the Knightfall saga.

The copyright for this image is most likely owned by either the publisher of the comic or the writer(s) and/or artist(s) which produced the comic in question

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2 Days ago: just 10 Results.
Results 1 - 10 of about 9,720 for aladygma by GOOGLE!

aladygma - newsfolder


aladygma -photos

All Aladygma Photos I found in Internet!


The Alien Mind ?

Why Cloverfield and Amygdala (should be the anagram of Aladygma)?

I found This:

The Alien Mind

Part II

A True Story as Told to Sara Starlight in a Dream


My Movies Data Base: Aladygma, is it Cloverfield 2?

My Movies Data Base: Aladygma, is it Cloverfield 2?


aladygma - over the world people talks


aladygma -video

Coming soon next day is a Anagram?

I found a very interesting site, a spanish site with this Idea:


angst monoxide cony

angst=fear (german)---> FEAR could be aladygma=amygdala
monoxyde : http://www.dhmo.org/coverup.html (Dihydrogen Monoxide Conspiracy)
cony: a creature



Picture and video

One Video found here :

One Picture found here:

aladygma.com : what about the code

What is about the code ????
found on http://aladygma.com

Aladygma = Amiygdala?

A Google search finds an Aladygma website with the text "Start date 00 | 11 | 22 | 88" and "coming soon next day?" in the bottom right. This site is probably unrelated but who knows with Abrams?

Now, if you spell Aladygma backwards, and who wouldn't, and switch a letter you'll get Amgydala. This is an actual word which is means "One of the basal ganglia in the limbic system of the brain thought to control motivation and emotion. It may also contain the memory of recent events."



What is Aladygma?

Is it the code name for a yet-to-be-announced JJ Abrams-produced film project?

Is it the code name for the expected Cloverfield sequel? Chances are it is none of the above. Everyone in Hollywood has no idea what I’m talking about when I bring up “Aladygma”.



the code name for the supernatural JJ Abrams movie?

Aladygma may be the code name for Cloverfield 2. Or it may be the code name for the supernatural JJ Abrams movie. Or it may be nothing at all.


noch mehr Indizien
, Is "aladygma" a anagramm for amygdala?

Looks like a misspelled, backwards version of a region of the brain concerned with emotion and arousal: AMYGDALA.

from: http://www.themovieblog.com

And: http://www.themovieblog.com says:
There is speculation brewing and bubbling round the web that the sequel to Cloverfield may be called Aladygma.

Aladygma -The Enygma : is it Cloverfield 2?

I am getting overwhelmed with emails from folks asking is Aladygma, Cloverfield 2? I frankly have no idea. Apparently from readers this is a new JJ Abrams project that is REPORTEDLY the code name for Cloverfield 2. It is however important to note that JJ Abrams has more then one untitled covert film in the works. He also has an untitled supernatural project in the works. So what is Aladygma? I have no idea but if you do shoot us an email. Cloverfield 2 whether its named Aladygma or not is well under way.
FROM moviesonline


Is aladygma an Anagram?

I tryed by anagram solvers ( 1 and 2) but i did not find interesting words. just Stuff like

That make no sense :(

Why this blog ?

I heard of a new Projekt of J.J. Abrams , and at this time, i didn´t know about CLOVERFIELD. I followed all news about it and today i can say: CLOVERFIELD was the best idea that a Moviemaker can have!!

So i was looking last week about new "Rumours" about new Projects of J.J. Abrams, but i did not find a lot. Ok, Star Trek is not a rumour :-)

The only thing I found is about some new top secret Movie-Projekts, and i colud not take my eyes away from this one: "aladygma - Some Things Don´t Like to be Forgotten" or something like that. I have no Idea what that is, is this another Monster Film , is this of J.J. Abrams or not, I even not find anymore where did I read about it. I even am not sure: is this a movie??? But I must say, the name aladigma took my attention and i want to know what´s behind this name.

Maybe someone, that more knows, about J.J. Abrams and his Projekts, can tell me here something more. Or Maybe someone knows, what´s behind the Aladygma Projekt?

I will try to find all possible Materials /News about this Movie and i will post here too.





Some things don´t like to be forgotten