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Now i am near to the truth. I am really near to the Zone.

It is not possible to send this Videos and blogposts from here. I am sending all with my phone to a friend in Austria, he does the job for me. I hope, i can still do this for long time. So sorry, when it take so long sometimes.

I found the gun, like Yrral said. Yrral is the guy coming with me and Sarah to Vergina. He seems to know how things works here. I believe, he is the guide of the Zone. When i ask, he does not answer. But he looks so kind. I believe i can trust him!

Mostly i walk alone and i make some videos and photos. Yrral is really kind to me and Sarah. Yrral show me the way, but mostly stay behind me with Sarah. Sarah do not speak a lot. She is not getting better. Yrral means i will need the gun. Sarah is disappointed about this. I did never use a gun. What the hell should i do with it.

Vergina is not the Zone, but the Zone is IN Vergina. Vergina is nothing more thana a small town, some touristic, so nothing special is in here. But a strange sky was waiting me. I saw the tombs, and the museum, but this is not the entrance to the Zone. Yrral say, here where i found the gun...this is the door. This is the minor Macedonian tomb discovered by Prof. K. Romaios near the palace of Aigai. Here i have to go inside. How, i still don´t know..



So, everybody knows now, i created Aladygma.
I would like to say: Thank you, thanks to all Aladygma-fans!
From the very first moment untill now, aladygma was not for the money, just for fun and entertainment. We had a lot of fun and great moments, because we had the greatest fans of the world. we are now a bigger team and we will produce a Book, a comic, and we are also trying to produce a film. All this was not possible without YOU!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH and please, help us to make aladygma better, tell all your friends about aladygma. help us, to make the first book (aladygma - Chapter one http://social.aladygma.com/group.php?group_id=80 ) well known.





The Book:

One of the last Products of Aladygma is the

Aladygma Book


Publisher: Jafeth Mariani, http://aladygma-marketing.com

First Appearance: coming out May 2009

Created by:

Story: Jafeth Mariani & Carmine Scognamillo
Written by: Jafeth Mariani & Carmine Scognamillo


Gute Seife kann recht alt werden.

Gute Seife kann recht alt werden. Deswegen kaufe ich nur gute Seife, und halte sie auch lange zu Hause, dann riecht das Bad richtig gut. Vor allem Honigseife ist echt cool . Eigentlich sind so alte Seifen ja zu schade zum Wegwaschen.